You're on your way to fortified corporate finance fluency and improved middle-market visibility. Kindle your interest in M&A, private equity, investment banking, accounting, corporate finance advisory, valuation and other financial services. And take advantage of the wealth of lessons, utilizing the self-guided slides, audio explanations, knowledge-check slides and interstitial videos.

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course Introduction

  • 2

    Investment Banking and Private Equity

    • Downloads for Introduction to Investment Banking and Private Equity

    • Introduction

    • I. Financial Services: The "Buy Side" and the "Sell Side"

    • II. Investment Banking Industry Overview

    • III. Private Equity Overview

    • Chapter Quiz: Investment Banking and Private Equity Overview

  • 3

    Accounting and Financial Statements

    • Downloads for Accounting and Financial Statements

    • Chapter Introduction

    • I. Introduction to Accounting

    • II. Balance Sheet Overview

    • III. Income Statement Overview

    • IV. Cash Flow Statement Overview

    • V. Advanced Topics Accounting

    • Chapter Quiz: Introduction to Accounting and Financial Statements

  • 4

    Financial Ratio Analysis

    • Downloads for Financial Ratio Analysis

    • Introduction: Financial Ratio Analysis

    • I. Liquidity Ratios

    • II. Leverage Ratios

    • III. Activity Ratios

    • IV. Profitability Metrics

    • V. Growth Rates

    • Chapter Quiz: Financial Ratio Analysis

  • 5

    Building a Three-Statement Financial Model

    • Downloads for Building a Three- Statement Financial Model

    • Why is Building a Three-Statement Financial Model Important?

    • I. Introduction

    • II. Spreading Historical Financial Statements

    • III. Deriving Ratios, Trends and Variables

    • IV. Financial Statement Projections

    • V. Integrating Projected Financial Statements and Revolving Credit Facility Modeling

    • Chapter Quiz: Building a Three-Statement Model

  • 6

    Valuation Analysis

    • Downloads for Valuation Analysis

    • Valuation Analysis Introduction

    • I. Valuation Overview

    • II. Comparable Public Companies (a/k/a "Public Comps" or "Trading Comps")

    • III. Precedent Transactions Analysis (a/k/a "Transaction Comps")

    • IV. Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Analysis

    • V. Conclusions

    • Chapter Quiz: Valuation Analysis

  • 7

    The M&A Sale Process

    • Downloads for the M&A Sale Process

    • Introduction to M&A Sale Process

    • I. Confidentiality

    • II. The M&A Banker's Role

    • III. Sale Options and Strategies

    • IV. Valuation in M&A

    • V. Recasting Historical Financial Statements

    • VI. Presentation and Packaging

    • VII. Buyer Qualification

    • VIII. Marketing

    • IX. Due Diligence

    • X. Bid Submission and Bid Analysis

    • XI. Deal Structure

    • XII. Advanced M&A Concepts

    • Chapter Quiz: M&A Sale Process

  • 8

    M&A Regulatory and Compliance Issues

    • M&A Regulatory and Compliance Issues

    • Chapter Quiz: Regulatory and Compliance Issues